Milkshake the Rescue Cow Thinks It's a Dog

Posted by Mateja Lane

Milkshake is a rescued cow that has now become a house pet. 

Milkshake was an abused cow that got a second chance at being someone's loved pet.

Grace Foundation Ranch, in El Dorado Hills, California, is now Milkshake's new home, where she has bonded quite strongly to her new owner.

Milkshake was taken away from her mother at two weeks old, which is far too young for any animal. She was then kept in a small cage until the animal abuser was arrested.

She now lives her days eating kibble with the ranch dogs and taking walks with ranch worker Beth DiCaprio.

Now Milkshake is just one of the pack and happy to be there.

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Milkshake the Rescue Cow Thinks It's a Dog