Microchip Helps Reunite Lost Pit Bull with His Family After Fireworks Debacle

Posted by TF Oren

Los Angeles-based animal rescue, Hope for Paws, received a call for help about a pit bull hiding under a man's car.

Rescue founder Eldad Hagar and volunteer Lisa Arturo wasted no time getting to the house where the dog was reported.

Hagar and Arturo first placed a plastic fence around the car to prevent the dog from bolting.

The dog was terrified. He growled at his rescuers, and couldn't even be lured out with a hot dog.

Fortunately, with a lot of patience and the help of a catchpole, Hagar was eventually able to remove the dog from under the car. Once the dog was out, he quickly relaxed and consented to a head scratch.

A quick scan revealed that the dog was microchipped, and that his name was Boy.

The following day, Hagar phoned Boy's owners and gave them the good news. They were relieved to hear that he was safe, and said he had escaped from their house during a party, scared off by fireworks.

Thanks to Hope for Paws and Boy's microchip, this story has a happy ending. Unfortunately, thousands of pets are lost each year and are never reunited with their families because they lack proper identification.

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Make sure your pet has clear identification on him or her at all times, whether in the form of a microchip with up-to-date information, or a collar with tags on it.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of microchipping your pet.

What do you think of this technology-fueled happy reunion? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Microchip Helps Reunite Lost Pit Bull with His Family After Fireworks Debacle