Michigan Animal Shelter Makes Pricey Upgrades to Boost Adoption Rates

Posted by Krissy Howard
pet adoption center

A Michigan animal shelter in Oakland County has unveiled its new facility after a $15.5 million makeover.

The new 35,400 square foot facility was designed with one goal in mind: helping place pets in their new forever homes.

So just what types of tweaks were made to take this facility to the next level? The first order of business may be more simple than most would guess.

“It’s subtle, but we have changed the name from just a shelter to an adoption center,” said Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson in an interview with Detroit News.

Additionally, the adoption center was moved to a more accessible location and is now located in the center of a government building, which will hopefully attract new visitors and make it easier for anyone with a lost or missing pet to locate their animals.

The building is also equipped with state of the art medical examination and treatment rooms, and a spacious outdoor area for volunteers to give the animals some much-needed exercise and potential adopters to visit and engage with the pups held at the facility.

For more information or to view the pets available for adoption at the Oakland County Animal Shelter & Pet Adoption Center, you can visit them online here.

What upgrades would you make if you owned an adoption center? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Michigan Animal Shelter Makes Pricey Upgrades to Boost Adoption Rates