Mexico Is Looking for Lost Pets After Devastating Earthquake

Posted by Amber King
lost dogs after earthquake in Mexico
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As Mexico struggles to recover after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, pet owners are desperately looking for their lost pets.

When the ground started to shake last Tuesday morning, people and their pets didn't know what to do. Crowds of people rushed into the street to escape collapsing buildings, and dogs and cats panicked and fled from their owners.

As the dust settles and residents of Mexico start to pick up the pieces, they're faced with the devastating possibility that they might never find their lost pets.

Posted by La Casa Del Mestizo on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Animal shelters across the country are experiencing overcrowding, as people continue to drop off animals they've found wandering the streets. Most are scared and skittish, but they're also obviously well taken care of. Shelter staff members know they're lost pets and not strays, but that doesn't help their chances of going home.

Many of the animals are lost without identification. Mexico City is filled with pet-friendly public areas and devoted pet owners, but ID tags and microchips aren't thought of as necessary.

Shelters have resorted to posting on social media when a new animal is brought to their doors. At the same time, pet owners are scouring kennels and posting flyers looking for their dogs and cats.

Posted by La Casa Del Mestizo on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Garcia's Casa del Mestizo (Garcia's House of Mutts) was already overcrowded when the earthquake hit, and they're located on one of the many streets that has been roped off for safety reasons. They've been working tirelessly to reunite animals with their owners, but happy endings are still few and far between.

One of the dogs still missing is a German Shepherd named Chaz. He got scared during the earthquake and ran away in an attempt to escape the shaking. His owners have posted flyers hoping for his safe return.

Posted by La Casa Del Mestizo on Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Schnauzer mix named Daisy also disappeared that morning. Flyers asking for any information about her whereabouts are posted all across the city and outside Casa del Mestizo.

Posted by La Casa Del Mestizo on Saturday, September 23, 2017

It's now been a week since the ground shook and buildings collapsed in Mexico, but pet owners aren't willing to stop looking. They're still positing flyers and visiting shelters in hopes of finding their lost animals.

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