Messi the Puma Lives in an Apartment in Russia as a Pet

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This isn't your average house cat.

According to Sputnik, a couple from the Russian city of Penza share an apartment with a male puma named Messi.

The Dmitrievs adopted the big cat from a petting zoo and claim he is "totally safe" to be around humans. Regardless, pumas are still ver much wild animals so don't go rushing out to keep one as a pet anytime soon. This isn't your average dog or cat.

Meet Messi the mountain lion:

According to the Dmitrievs, Messi pretty much behaves like a dog. He even goes outside to use the bathroom and enjoys visits to the dog park.

At home, Messi is well-loved by his owners.

У вас когда-нибудь была ❤️ с первого взгляда? Не важно к чему..будь то туфельки, книга, какое-то место? Тогда вы точно поймёте что почувствовали мы, когда впервые увидели это чудо. Несколько дней терзаний, безумных мыслей и..все как один крутили пальцем у виска! Да! Мы его забрали! Это было 3 месяца назад. И теперь мы хотим поделиться с вами нашей историей. Расскажем все как было, и как есть. Милости просим. Have you ever been ❤ it's amazing at first sight? No matter what..whether it be shoes, a book, a place? Then you will understand what I felt when we first saw the miracle. A few days of agony, and insane one twisted finger to his temple! Yes! We picked him up! It was 3 months ago. And now we want to share our story with you. Will tell all as was, and as it is. Welcome#myanimals#mycats#пума#myanimal#мойкот#котенокмой#люблюживотных#вмиреживотных#рысь#мяу#мур#bigcat#mountainlion#bigcats#зоопарк#cats_worldinsta#моська#питомец#котятки#sweetcat#animalplanet#моймир#mypuppy#pumas#львенок#пушистик#мойлев#ушилапыхвост#мокрыйнос#месси

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To keep up with all of Messi's adventures in Russia, be sure to follow him on Instagram, I_am_puma.


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Messi the Puma Lives in an Apartment in Russia as a Pet