Merial Gets It Right with Touching Tribute to Horse Show Dads

Posted by Allie Layos
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This tribute video from Merial gets to the heart of what it means to be a horse show dad.

Equestrians know there's nothing quite like a horse show dad. From chauffeuring their riders (and sometimes horses) to shows, holding drinks and paying bills to cheering like crazy, they are a vital part of the horse show scene. That's why animal health company Merial thought Father's Day was the perfect time to thank them.

While the name Merial may not sound familiar, their products will; they are the makers of both Legend and UlcerGard. The beautiful video shows horse show dads driving trailers, grooming horses, blacking hooves, filming classes, cheering, and more ... all the things that make up the regular routine of a show dad during horse show season.

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Check out the touching tribute below.

The video is a great reminder to be thankful for all horse show dads do. And don't forget to #ShowDadLove this Father's Day!

Do you have a great horse show dad in your life? Tell us about him below!

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Merial Gets It Right with Touching Tribute to Horse Show Dads