Meow, Woof, Ribbit, Roar: 23 Animal Yoga Poses

Posted by Stacey Venzel
animal yoga poses

Channel your inner animal with these themed yoga poses.

Animals have long inspired human generations in how to live life. Their contributions to the yoga community are apparent in the plethora of animal-themed yoga poses that exist.

While some of the poses take a little imagination for understanding how they came to be named after animals--like looking at a constellation or detailing a cloud shape in the sky--many are quite apparent in their animal origins.


In this pose, you'll look like your about to take off into a somersault. Tuck your head toward your legs, resting the top of your head on the ground. Shins resting on the ground behind you, grab your ankles.

rabbit pose

Downward-Facing Dog

Arguably the most well-known pose by even non-yogis, this is achieved by creating an inverted V with your body, bending at the back with your hands and feet flat on the ground.

Downward facing dog, young woman doing yoga in park


Close behind the downward-facing dog in its popularity, this pose looks like a lot like a table or a cat without its back fully arched. It's important not to lift the head up for this pose as that comes next.

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The cow pose is an fluid transformation from the cat pose, making the back flat and lifting the head upward.

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This pose has arms like a pigeon, but instead of standing, both knees are bent with one leg turned as the knee rests on the ground.

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The camel pose involves a fair amount of flexibility requiring the yogi to bend backwards while on the floor with legs bent behind and reach for the soles of the feet.


Sit on bent legs and press your palms backward into the ground. In rare yogi form, your tongue should be sticking out.


Raising your legs off the ground, wrap one leg around your shoulder to resemble an elephant's ear.


Tuck into a ball, shins on the floor and placing your forehead against the ground. Often referred to as child's pose.

Beautiful sporty fit yogini woman practices yoga asana balasana

Balancing Bear

Sitting on the floor, pull your feet off the ground into a V.


The monkey pose employs side split with the arms splayed out overhead, leaning slightly back.


You'll look like a tangled mess at the end of this one--and also a bit like a totem pole. In a standing position, twist one leg around the other and both arms around each other.

yoga pose


Sit on the floor on one forward bended knee and pull the other leg back toward your head as much as you can without strain. This one takes practice and has many variations.

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To accomplish the crow, crouch down and slowly lean forward, bringing your knees forward to balance just outside your triceps.

yoga pose


For this pose, lie flat on your stomach and raise your body off the ground with your hands facing backward. You'll need quite a bit of muscle definition and patience for this one.

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Think about how you would float on your back in water, and you can easily achieve this pose on solid ground by simply arching your chest and keeping your hands flat against the surface.

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You'll look very much like the namesake of this pose if you achieve it. Lying on your stomach, bend your legs toward your head and bring your arms behind your back to grab your feet.


Bend forward in a sitting V and tuck your arms under your leg. You can improve the pose by slightly lifting your legs off the floor. This one also requires a good deal of agility.


This is a relatively simple plank pose raised on the toes, but it can take a bit of effort to hold this position.

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This pose is best achieved by lying flat on your stomach then raising your chest off the floor pushing off your hands. You'll resemble a snake inspecting its surroundings.

cobra pose


This pose looks like the result of a relaxed handstand. Your forearms are flat on the ground but your legs are bent backward over your head.

yoga pose


The firefly is similar to the tortoise but raises your legs entirely off the floor with your arms placed in front of you instead of wrapped under your legs.


The locust post mirrors an inverted fish pose. Lying on your stomach, raise your chest and legs off the floor with your arms at your side.

From mammals to birds, reptiles to amphibians, and even fish to insects, it's clear animals have been an important part of culture for centuries.

Some of the poses have different names, like the cat pose also being called the tiger pose, as well as many variations particularly based on skill level. Many more animal poses exist; however, a lot of animals don't have a pose named after them yet, and we wonder what that would look like.

How about a guinea pig or ferret pose? Give us your ideas in the comments below!

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Meow, Woof, Ribbit, Roar: 23 Animal Yoga Poses