Men Accused of Abandoning Horses in Wyoming Backcountry

Posted by Jason Sarna
A group of wild horses looking at the camera at sunrise in the mountains.

Some people abandon cars; other people abandon horses.

Two Wyoming brothers have been accused of abandoning three horses in the backcountry.

David and Bradley Flint allegedly left the horses during a pack trip in Park County last fall. A horn hunter and game warden retrieved two of the horses in April. The third horse had died.

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While the brothers' claim a grizzly bear chased the horses out of the camp at night, prosecutors have charged each man with three counts of failing to provide an animal with food, drink, or protection.

David Flint says the brothers will have their day in court to defend themselves. Their initial court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 15.

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Men Accused of Abandoning Horses in Wyoming Backcountry