Meet Ziggy the Traveling Piggy Who Lives in a Mobile Home

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Fitting a pig into a home can be rough, but how about a home on wheels?

When a piglet advertised as a teacup breed grew up to be a big pig, owners Kristin Hartness and Jay Yontz had trouble finding a place to live for all three of them. But getting rid of Ziggy the Piggy was never an option.

So the couple and porcine family member loaded up their belongings and flew from their island paradise in the Virgin Islands to their home country of the USA--on a chartered flight that allowed the 250-pound tag-a-long.

They purchased a mobile home and have been traveling ever since.

Ziggy acts like a kid with a range of emotions, temper tantrums not excluded. But he gets treated like one, too, sporting a pig poncho in the rain and going for romps in the woods. He even gets fed a diet of organic fruits and veggies. But he does have a soft spot for salty peanuts.

Life on the road can be exciting. With a pig on board, the adventures must be endless.

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Meet Ziggy the Traveling Piggy Who Lives in a Mobile Home