Meet Triton: the Rising Soccer Superstar Who Happens to Be a Lion

Posted by TF Oren
lion with soccer ball
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Move over, Pelé. You've got competition. His name is Triton: he has amazing hair, and he weighs around 400 pounds.

Triton is an 11-year-old white lion who was born and raised at South Africa's Johannesburg Zoo. One day, his keeper tossed a soccer ball into his enclosure, and the rest was history. For such a big boy, he's incredibly light on his feet.

Triton is so into soccer, he even prefers it over girls! According to his keeper, he'd rather play with his soccer ball than any of the seven lionesses who live with him. When she tosses him the ball, he lights up and chases it all around the enclosure, even into the water!

Watch Triton dribble, kick, and juggle like a pro:

That's one talented lion!

Turns out that Triton's not the only four-legged soccer star around. These police horses have some serious soccer skills of their own.

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