Meet Timmy, the Tiny Donkey with Orthotic Shoes

Posted by Tori Holmes
Timmy the Donkey with his mother.
All images via Little Timmy16/GoFundMe

Meet Timmy, the tiny donkey foal who is the proud new owner of a set of customized orthotic shoes.

Timmy was born at the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary this spring, but his mother, Twilight, did not have the same luxury. She was brought to the rescue after experiencing significant trauma, which ultimately affected Timmy's development while in the womb.

Due to the trauma that Twilight underwent, Timmy was born with deformed hind legs. Due to the nature of his deformities, Timmy has significant trouble walking and feeding from his mother.

Timmy the donkey with orthotic shoes

The amazing team at Donegal Donkey Sanctuary reached out to the public to help raise funds for Timmy's ongoing care, knowing that with the right treatment, he would be able to live a full and healthy life.

In the first month of his life, enough donations were collected to fund his physical therapy that played a big role in helping him learn to walk by himself, but surgery was still needed.

As Timmy's story was shared across Ireland and abroad, the donations continued to pour in. In the two months that his GoFundMe campaign has been running, the Sanctuary has nearly reached their €10,000 goal.

Timmy the donkey's orthotic shoes

With the donations raised so far, Donegal Donkey Sanctuary was able to bring in a team from the veterinary department At University College Dublin to make Timmy a customized pair of orthotic shoes.

These shoes will help with the realignment of his bones so that someday he'll be able to walk properly, without their support.

Timmy the donkey with his orthotic shoes

If you're interested in donating to Timmy's ongoing care, visit his GoFundMe page to see how you can help.

We love your new shoes, Timmy. Can't wait to see you running around in them!

Images via Little Timmy16/ GoFundMe

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Meet Timmy, the Tiny Donkey with Orthotic Shoes