Tourist Sensation: Meet the Swimming Pigs of Exuma, Bahamas

Posted by Mateja Lane

Have you ever heard of the pigs of Exuma in the Bahamas? They are marooned and now living the island life.

The swimming pigs of Exuma are becoming world famous and an extra tourist attraction for the Bahamas.

It is a mystery as to how these pigs got to the island.

Watch the short documentary "When Pigs Swim" to learn more about these tropical swine.

There is something about seeing pigs rooting around in the sand and swimming in crystal-clear tropical waters that is pretty incredible!

The way these pigs ended up on the island is a bit of a mystery. It is thought that colonial expeditions carrying sheep and pigs were shipwrecked in the Bahamas and the animals swam into shore. It is also thought that pirates brought these barnyard animals to the islands for their own use.

But it doesn't really matter how they got there. They just add to the experience.

Tourists can now swim with the Exuma pigs and bring them treats. They are becoming more famous than the beauty of the area itself, much to the surprise of many tourist agencies on the islands.

Is Exuma the only place on Earth that pigs can swim due to the clarity of the water?

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Tourist Sensation: Meet the Swimming Pigs of Exuma, Bahamas