Meet Mochi the St. Bernard with the Longest Tongue in the World!

Posted by Amber King

A new world record has been set, and the dog who holds it is seriously impressive.

Mochi is a rescued Saint Bernard whose slobbery secret will soon be featured in the newest edition of the Guinness World Records. Behind those dark-colored lips, Mochi has the longest dog tongue in the world.

It measures 7.3 inches from snout to tip.

The size of a dog's tongue will depend on the breed, but somewhere between two and four inches is usually the average. The previous owner of Mochi's new title is a Pekingese whose tongue measures 4.5 inches long. The happy-go-lucky dog beat the previous record by almost three inches.

Mochi's owner, Carla Rickert of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, adopted the big dog from Big Dogs Huge Paws, a rescue in Colorado, six years ago. The lovable Saint Bernard's extra long licker enhances her cuteness and provides comic relief, but it's not always wet kisses and dog treats. Her oversize tongue causes breathing problems, and she drools even more than the average Saint Bernard (which is saying something.) Rickert also has to give Mochi treats in a specific way because her long tongue causes interference. Her favorite treat is peanut butter but the longest tongue in the world makes it a messy process.


Mochi can't pick food up off the floor, but her impressive tongue has earned her an honorable place next to other record-breaking pets. She'll go down in history as a record holder alongside the tallest cat in the world, and the dog with the longest tail.

What do you think of Mochi's tongue and her slobbery world record title? Let us know in the comments.

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Meet Mochi the St. Bernard with the Longest Tongue in the World!