Meet the #DogMysteries Instagram Contest Winners

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Collage of #DogMysteries contest winners

The results are in! Dognition and Embark have chosen the winners of their #DogMysteries Instagram contest.

As Dognition and Embark work together to learn more about the secrets of a dog's body and mind, they asked dog owners to share their own personal #DogMysteries. The overwhelming response to this contest proves that we still have a lot to learn about man's best friend.

The hosts saw some amazing contest entries making the task of narrowing it down to three winners quite the challenge. Big congratulations to all of the winners and honorable mentions!

First Place - @jaxandthepack

Jackson: This is my entry to #DogMysteries hosted by @pupsonpar @maska_the_husky @ipartywithbrucewayne @toby_littledude @mydogstink @winnie_therapydog @embarkvet @dognition . "I was Chosen, I was Wanted, I was Cherished, I grew in their Hearts, I was the Missing Piece, I was Loved, I was Adopted." - Unknown. Being adopted was the best thing ever but it always makes you wonder who your real parents are! Like, how did I become so devilishly handsome? Was my dad a great German Shepherd who fought bad guys and helped our boys in blue? Or was he a mighty Ridgeback and hunted lions on the plains of Africa? Having @embarkvet unscramble my doggy DNA would solve my greatest mystery. WHERE DID I GET MY SOLID PURPLE TONGUE & GUMS?! ?Was my mom apart of Chinese royalty and a big beautiful fluffy Chow? Or possibly a wrinkly faced prickly Shar-Pei who wrestled with wild boars? Or maybe I am a little bit of it all and whatever decided to sneak-in in the middle of the night. ? . @Dognition with their intense puzzles and games and fancy white coat wearing scientists will help mom better understand why I am so particular about everything I do. New toy? I'll sit there smelling it and inspecting it before I fully commit to taking it. Can never be to sure about suspicious new things. Trying to trick me to do something? Forget it. My complex dog brain conducts the quadratic formula to determine that whatever your saying is a lie. Go home. ? __________________________________________ •Discount code-JAXANDTHEPACK . . .?10% off @PennysPawShop ?10% off @MonicaAnnPets ?20% off @Cavies_in_cozies. _________________________________________ . This is my entry for #tinyheartmodel search with @ohtinyheart . . This is my entry to #SMBDaygiveaway3 hosted by @SiberianMischief @PennysPawShop @Str8_OutDa_Garage . #dog_features #ighounds #showpetslove #sendadogphoto #puppiesxdogs #husky_dingofolloweroftheweek #dogscorner #lazybonezz

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@jaxandthepack has two #DogMysteries they would like solved:

  • Where does Jackson get their solid purple tongue and gums from?
  • Why is he so particular about everything he does?

With their first place prize, this pup will receive an Embark Vet dog DNA test, Dognition annual membership, plus dog genetics expert Dr. Adam Boyko, co-founder of @embarkvet and dog cognition expert Dr. Brian Hare, co-founder of @dognition will help find the answer to their very interesting #DogMystery.

Second Place - @hansehund

Dog hugging their stuffed toy
@ hansehund / Instagram

@hansehund has one big #DogMystery that they would love the answer to: Why does Bella carry around her toy whenever - and only when - her owner comes home?

With their second place prize, Bella and her owner can learn more about her genetic makeup and cognition that will help them put the pieces of this very interesting puzzle together!

Third Place - @twocitydogs

Take it from Ellie, the grass isn't always tastier on the other side but it is always worth a nibble! . Having rescued Ellie after being picked up as a stray, I enjoy making up valiant stories that explain her quirks. Like, why does she enjoy snacking on grass during our walks? I think, though she’s tiny, she sees herself as a cow – gotta get a nibble of each blade while STILL taking up as much sidewalk as possible. ?? Makes sense, right?! . Other questions I often wonder: Why does she insist on sleeping under the blanket curled into a tight ball? And why does her little licker never stop making an appearance when she's happy? (Seriously, this girl could lick one to death and very rapidly)?? Lastly, what allows her to learn new tricks in less than 15 minutes? It is amazing how I spend every day with Ellie and still know so little about what really goes on in her little doggy head - besides dreaming of treats and cuddles, of course. Would she be considered Ellie Einstein or Ellie the Stargazer? I have my suspisions but what do you think?? . Here’s hoping @dognition and @embarkvet can help us solve the mysterious doggy mysteries through the #dogmysteries contest hosted by @pupsonpar @maska_the_husky @ipartywithbrucewayne @toby_littledude @mydogstink @winnie_therapydog THANK YOU ALL for this opportunity! ❤️

A photo posted by urban foot, wild dirt (@twocitydogs) on

@twocitydogs has quite a few #DogMysteries they would love solved about their pup Ellie!

  • Why does she enjoy snacking on grass during her walks?
  • Why does she insist on sleeping under the blanket curled into a tight ball?
  • Why does her little licker never stop making an appearance when she's happy?
  • What allows her to learn new tricks in less than 15 minutes?

With their third place prize, an Embark Vet bandana and a signed copy of the book "The Genius of Dogs" by Dr. Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods, @twocitydogs can read more about the mind a dog start to solve these very intriguing mysteries.

Honorable Mentions


Why is Olive so obsessed with eating cow turds?


Happy border collie
@crazycoco_bcmix / Instagram

Why is Coco so clingy with her mom, but shows her less affection than everyone else?


Why does only one of Marlowe's ears stand up?

Congratulations again to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered - I think it's safe to say everyone had a blast looking through all of the contest entires.

The #DogMysteries series isn't over yet, though! Dognition was so inspired by all of your amazing questions and quirky behaviors that they plan to research and provide answers to as many as they can in the future.

Stay tuned as Dognition and Embark continue to solve the world's greatest #DogMysteries!

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Meet the #DogMysteries Instagram Contest Winners