Meet the Adoptable Shelter Pup that Rescued a Cat from a Sewer

Posted by Tori Holmes
Leopard, the heroic Shar-Pei
Cuyahoga Country Animal Shelter

When out for a walk with one of the shelter volunteers, Leopard alerted them to the cat's cries.

When the Cuyahoga Country Animal Shelter volunteer took Leopard, a six-year-old Shar-Pei mix, out of her kennel, she had no idea this wouldn't be a normal afternoon walk.

Part way through the walk, Leopard heard the sound of cries coming from a nearby sewer and alerted her walker. With the help of shelter volunteers and local deputies, they were able to safely remove the cat from the sewer. Happy to be free, the kitty has gone to stay with one of the volunteers until it can be adopted.

Cuyahoga Country Animal Shelter

Cuyahoga Country Animal Shelter is hoping that their little hero, Leopard, will be able to find a home before the holidays. When she came to the shelter in May of this year, she had a cancerous tumor removed. Once removed, the tumor has a low chance of reoccurring but needs to be monitored for the rest of her life in the event of regrowth.

Despite past health issues, shelter staff wants to remind potential adopters that Leopard's heroic action shows what a great addition she would be to any family.

If you think that Leopard would make a great addition to your family, you can visit the Cuyahoga Country Animal Shelter in Valley View, Ohio for more information on their adoption process.

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Meet the Adoptable Shelter Pup that Rescued a Cat from a Sewer