Meet the 100 Cats of Parque Kennedy in Lima, Peru

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Dozens of friendly cats have become a tourist attraction at a lookout point in Lima, Peru.

The story of how they got there is often disputed, but somehow, stray cats started hanging out at Parque Kennedy in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru. That was over 20 years ago.

Now, the handful of cats that started the outdoor menagerie has grown to some 100 felines.

A local animal rights group cares for the felines, rounding up a few each week to spay and neuter them. Food is left out for the cats as well.

Many of the felines are friendly and approachable. Though some locals complain that the cats are a health hazard, the kitty care volunteers make sure all the cats receive vaccinations and proper health screening.

Those that are in need of medical attention receive it, so cats roaming with bandages is not an uncommon sight.

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The felines are there day and night, rain or shine. They meander through the legs of tourists visiting the market that is held at the park and feast on crumbs left behind by vendors.

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The park is even cleaned at least twice daily, making it one of the cleanest parks around the globe.

It isn't just litter picked up. Disinfectant is sprayed all around to keep germ levels down.

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Despite the majority of park visitors enjoying the felines, everyone seems to agree that the cat numbers have reached their max.

Residents advocate against dumping stray cats at the park.

Parque Kennedy has gained in popularity as word about the cats has spread. Many vacationers make a point of visiting the park on their travels, be they cat-lovers or adventurers.

The cats are, of course, up for adoption. More than 300 kitties have been adopted since organized adoption began two decades ago.

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If you're looking for some kitty love on your Peruvian adventure, be sure to make a stop at Parque Kennedy. With so many felines, you'll be smitten with plenty of kitten love.

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Meet the 100 Cats of Parque Kennedy in Lima, Peru