Meet Stevie, Ireland's Mountain Climbing Cat

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Patrick Corr via The Huffington Post

That's right...a mountain climbing cat.

As if that weren't unusual enough in itself, this cat is also blind. Patrick Corr adopted Stevie four years ago from the Cork Animal Care Society. They've been hiking and climbing mountains together ever since.

Stevie's star began to rise last year, after Corr, a filmmaker, shot a video of himself and Stevie hiking in County Tipperary, Ireland. The video shows Stevie walking off-leash for short periods. Although Corr reports that Stevie always stays very close to him, experts maintain that you should always keep your cat harnessed and leashed while walking.

This past April, Corr and Stevie scaled County Kerry's Carrauntoohil. With an elevation of 3,406 feet, it is Ireland's highest peak.

Dynamic duo Corr and Stevie. Photo by Patrick Corr via The Huffington Post
Patrick Corr via The Huffington Post

The trek was intense, but Stevie's comfort was "our number one priority," reports Corr. Stevie spent most of the trek either riding on Corr's shoulder, or in a special cat carrier. She did, however, do a little footwork of her own, but Corr was selective about where and when she was allowed to walk.

"Stevie was only allowed to walk on the path leading to the base and during the climb itself, she was free to walk wherever there was a soft surface," he says.

They took plenty of breaks and Stevie had access to food and water throughout the entire trip, which took almost six hours round trip.

If a blind cat that climbs mountains isn't impressive enough for you, consider this: Corr started a GoFundMe campaign called "Stevie Saves the World." Through the campaign, Corr and Stevie's trek up Carrauntoohil raised more than $1,000 for two local animal welfare organizations.

Corr captured the trek on film and titled it "Anything Is Possible." You can check it out here.

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Meet Stevie, Ireland's Mountain Climbing Cat