Meet Steve, the Painting Pig Extraordinaire!

Posted by Stacey Venzel
steve the painting pig
Steve the Painting Pig/Facebook

First there was Monet... then there was Pigasso.

Some painters use a brush. Steve the pig uses just his snout.

The 130-pound porcine has more than 25 creations under his hooves, practicing with paints on and afar from his barnyard home in Willard, Mo.

His paintings, naturally, have more of an abstract take. Art connoisseurs and animal lovers are flocking to the canvases on the Internet, anxious to get their hands on these colorful snout-strokes.

steve the painting pig

One of Steve's paintings sold for $325. All proceeds are donated to animal rescue centers.

Steve's human, Sherry Taylor, wants to do her part to give back to the world. She said:

"My granddaughter and I have a heart for helping animals, and since it isn't feasible for me to take in every animal in need, I thought we could attempt to ask for a donation for his paintings and see if anyone would be interested. We then provide monetary or item donations to animal sanctuaries or rescues. These agencies are doing so much for the animals in need and can always use a little bit more assistance to help even one more animal."

steve the painting pig

Steve resides on farm with many other animal brothers and sisters, from dogs and cats to rabbits, goats, and chickens. All of the animals are strictly pets, not for agricultural purposes.

A Juliana pig, Steve is showing the world just how smart pigs can be, responding to commands from his owner. The "touch" command was how he learned to paint.

Taylor previously trained dogs but had no idea how intelligent pigs are until she started working with Steve.

steve the painting pig

To create each masterpiece, Steve's nose is covered in an array of non-toxic paint, the colors custom-picked. Recently, Steve painted in patriotic red, white, and blue as a gift for a police officer injured on-duty. He also showcased his skills in a classroom setting where he used the school's colors for his artwork.

Admittedly, Steve isn't 100 percent focused on his art. Taylor said sometimes the pig gets distracted if she is taking too long to pick out colors, and then he roots around on the ground, leaving dirt and grass clippings on canvases.

Well, if that isn't authentic Pigasso, we don't know what is!

Be sure to follow Steve on Facebook to catch new art and see which animals he has helped out so far!

Would you buy a painting by a pig? Tag someone in the comments below who would like Steve's artwork!

All photos via Steve the Painting Pig/Facebook.

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Meet Steve, the Painting Pig Extraordinaire!