Not Your Average Maine Coon: Meet Samson, NYC's Largest Cat!

Posted by TF Oren
Photos by Splurt Zillionz via The Dodo

Samson, a Maine Coon cat, measures four feet long and tips the scales at a whopping 28 pounds.

Samson weighs about 10 pounds more than the average Maine Coon cat, but he's not overweight. He's just a big boy. Even as a kitten, he was considerably larger than average.


Four-year-old Samson lives with his dad, Splurt Zillionz, in their New York City apartment.


Despite the fact that he lives in a tiny apartment, Samson has no trouble finding space for himself anywhere his not-so-little heart desires.


According to Samson's dad, Samson's hard candy shell hides a gooey center.

"Very sweet, tender but a tough guy. He likes to wrestle and play but secretly enjoys being tender as long as nobody is watching. He is a ladies man who loves females much more than men, except for his daddy who he loves very much."


Samson's extraordinary proportions have made him something of a celebrity. But NYC's largest cat isn't terribly moved by all the attention.

In fact, there's a patent pending for his "No, really, I care" face. This is it:


And here it is again:


NYC's newest feline celebrity is living large (literally)...and he's doing it like a boss.

All photos by Splurt Zillionz via The Dodo.

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Not Your Average Maine Coon: Meet Samson, NYC's Largest Cat!