Meet Rocky, the World Travelling Bull Terrier

Posted by Tori Holmes
Rocky the Travelling Bull Terrier | Wide Open Pets
Images via Instagram/Rocky the Bull Terrier

Rocky is an adorable Bull Terrier from the United States with a real case of the travel bug.

With his trusty pet passport in paw, Rocky is jetting setting around the world, seeing the best sights in each city he lands in.

His journey began in the United States, but he and his human now call Europe home and they're taking the continent by storm!

Just take a look at the amazing places they have already visited:

They've seen castles in West Sussex.

They've spent a night out in Paris.

They've enjoyed the fresh sea air of Portland Bill.

They've had the best view of the city in the London Eye.

They've played with lady luck in Monte-Carlo.

They've climbed mountains in Switzerland.

They've made new friends in Lochness.

They've taken in the unique culture of Amsterdam.

They've met the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

They've crossed the canals of Bruges.

But want to know what the best part of traveling the world is? Doing it with your best friend!

Rocky and human | Wide Open Pets

You can follow Rocky's adventures across Europe on his Instagram and his Tumblr. We can't wait to see where his globetrotting takes him to next!

Safe travels, Rocky!

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Meet Rocky, the World Travelling Bull Terrier