Meet Rhea, the Featherless Lovebird

Posted by Tori Holmes
Rhea the featherless lovebird
All images via @rhea_thenakedbirdie / Instagram

Think a featherless bird can't be cute? Think again.

Meet Rhea, the two-year-old lovebird from Boston. In most ways, Rhea is just like any other lovebird - she loves to sing, spend time with her human, and snack on her favorite treats.

However, there is one thing that makes Rhea stand out from other lovebirds - she doesn't have any feathers.

Rhea has a beak and feather disease that caused her to lose all of her feathers at a very young age. The same disease can cause the loss of beaks and claws as well, but fortunately, this hasn't happened to her.

Rhea's owner, Isabella Eisenmann, was just about to graduate college and was unsure what her next steps were when she heard about this unusual little bird in need of a home.

Rhea's vet had posted on social media that they were looking for a new home for their featherless patient, and Isabella knew right away she was meant to be with her.

Isabella called the vet and was luckily the first one on the adoption list. Rhea went home with Isabella the next day and the two have been living happily together ever since.

Despite her disease, Rhea doesn't need any unusual care - just an annual blood test. Oh, and she needs to be kept warm.

But how does a featherless bird stay warm you ask? By wearing the world's most adorable sweaters, that's how!

You may think that wrestling a tiny sweater onto a bird would be difficult, but Isabella assures that Rhea actually enjoys wearing them, as they make her feel super cozy and calm. In fact, many of her fans have sent their very own hand-made sweaters to keep her warm!

Traditionally, lovebirds are very social animals that enjoy the company of other birds. However, due to Rhea's illness, she's not allowed to be around other birds. That doesn't mean she's lacking company, though. She loves spending time with her adoptive sibling, a 15-year-old Yorkie named Nickie.

If you ask us, Rhea is living the best life that a bird, feathered or otherwise, could ask for. We love you, Rhea!

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Meet Rhea, the Featherless Lovebird