Meet Ralph, the 42-Pound Continental Giant Rabbit

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Ralph, the Continental Giant rabbit, is unlike most rabbits that you've seen before - he weighs a stunning 42 pounds!

When you think of rabbits, you probably envision the small cottontail rabbits that you see around your home. Or maybe you think of fluffy Angora rabbits, or the adorable Netherlands Dwarf rabbits that make great house pets. But chances are that you don't think of rabbits like Ralph, the enormous Continental Giant rabbit.

Ralph weighs 42 pounds and has a voracious appetite to match. He is almost four feet long and requires special accommodations to keep him comfortable and healthy. The Continental Giant rabbit was originally bred as a meat rabbit, hence its impressive size.

The video below gives you a look into Ralph's life and the family who cares for this enormous rabbit.

Think that a Continental Giant rabbit, or the similarly large Flemish Giant might be for you? Before you bring home one of these huge rabbits, make sure that you have the space to properly care for them.

Large breed rabbits need generously-sized cages, and often require extra-large dog cages. They also need to spend plenty of time outside of their cages so that they can move around and exercise. Some rabbit owners set up pens for their rabbits, but expect a large breed rabbit to need most of the space in a single room.

Don't forget to budget for your large rabbit's appetite. Large rabbits eat significantly more than smaller breeds do; you can save money by buying hay in bales and by buying pellets in bulk. A large rabbit will also drink much more water than a small rabbit will, and you need to be vigilant in cleaning a large rabbit's litter box every three days or so.

In short, larger rabbits require more care, space, and food than smaller rabbits do, but owning them can be a rewarding experience, too.

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Meet Ralph, the 42-Pound Continental Giant Rabbit