Meet Quimera, the 'Chimera' Cat Stunning Instagram

Posted by Jason Sarna
two face cat
Photo via Instagram

This two-faced cat is taking over the Internet!

However, she may not be a real "chimera" (an individual made up of cells from at least two different embryos).

Whatever the case, Quimera, whose name means "chimera" in Spanish, is gorgeous to look at.

A few years back, another two-faced cat took over the Internet. That cat's name is Venus.

....When today's high wont break 30F.....brrrr! #michiganfall #coldfallday

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In an interview with The New Republic, geneticist Virginia Papaioannou said Venus was probably not a true chimera, but simply "a striking example of a calico cat." This may also be true in Quimera's case.

#tbt - where I was born..... 2009 #kitten #pic #kittens #dairyfarm #statesvillenc

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When it comes to the Venus' varying eye color, Papaioannou says it most likely has to do with the "white spotting gene." Again, this may also be true in Quimera's case.

However these cats ended up looking the way they look, both are unique in their own way. Follow Quimera on Instagram to keep up with the latest posts. And be sure to follow Venus on Instagram as well!

Have you ever seen a two-faced cat in real life? Let us know in the comments!

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Meet Quimera, the 'Chimera' Cat Stunning Instagram