Presidential Pets: Bo and Sunny Kept Things Interesting in the White House

Posted by Amber King
All images via Michelle Obama Pictures

Being first dog(s) isn't easy, but Bo and Sunny were the perfect canines for the job.

Presidential pets, Bo and Sunny, may live lives of luxury, but their days in the White House weren't all games of fetch and long naps.

The Portuguese Water Dogs had big jobs to do, and their popularity even warranted them their own schedules, just like their dear ol' dad.

With so many jobs to do and such a large following of fans, the dogs spent their days fulfilling both official and non-official duties.

Both dogs have been seen entertaining crowds at the annual Easter Egg Roll, cheering wounded service members, and offering comfort to hospitalized children. Bo also had a distinguished place next to Michelle Obama as she welcomed tourists and visiting dignitaries.

These canines took their positions as presidential pets seriously, and their furry faces are known across the country.

Bo, with his white chest setting him apart from the solid-black Sunny, was welcomed into the Obama family in April 2009.

He was a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy, and helped fulfill a promise President Obama made to his daughters. The President guaranteed that after the 2008 election, the girls could get a dog, and Bo soon became a valued member of the family.

Now seven years old, Bo is a constant companion to the Obama family and national celebrity. Sunny, a female Portuguese Water Dog, came four years later to complete the picture.

Bo and Sunny are a power couple unlike any the world has seen before, but when the cameras are off and official duties are put aside, they're typical dogs that enjoy doing typical dog things.

Michelle Obama said;

"They can sit on my lap, they sit on my chair, they cuddle with me. I like to make them run and chase each other."

Bo and Sunny were the furry faces of the White House, and they join a long line or prestigious presidential pets. From meeting with Pope Francis to flying in style on Air Force One, the country's first dogs are living life to the fullest and melted the hearts of people everywhere.

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All images via Michelle Obama Pictures

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Presidential Pets: Bo and Sunny Kept Things Interesting in the White House