Meet Paris, Possibly the Cutest Kitten Ever

Posted by Paige Cerulli

All kittens are adorable, but you can't help but agree that Paris just might be the cutest kitten ever. 

Meet Paris. She's small, she's fluffy, and she's absolutely adorable. With her playful nature and her funny antics, she might be the cutest kitten ever. Seriously.

This video provides a look at Paris' adventures during the day. She plays with a ball that's almost bigger than she is, runs around the living room, climbs onto her cat house, checks out the food with Mom, plays some more, and finally can't help but fall asleep.

Here's a video of the cutest kitten ever.

Kittens can be a lot of fun to have around the house. They love to play and explore, and it's a good thing, too - playing helps kittens learn the skills that they'll need as adult cats. As kittens play, they learn how to balance themselves, how to interact with other cats, and how to hunt and pounce on "prey." (If your kitten is an indoor kitten, that prey is probably a toy mouse or some other toy.)

It's important for kittens to have stimuli which prompt them to play. You can get your kitten an assortment of appropriate toys. You can also make some time every day to play with and interact with your kitten. String toys or toys which you toss across the floor can get your kitten moving and playing.

After playing, your kitten will probably go to sleep for a while. Kittens grow quickly, and their bodies require lots of rest in order to stay healthy. Playing with your kitten during the day can help to teach him or her to sleep during the night. Giving your kitten one last play session before you go to bed will help to tire him or her out so that you can (hopefully) sleep peacefully.

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Meet Paris, Possibly the Cutest Kitten Ever