Meet Ottie: the World's 'Unofficial' Smallest Donkey

Posted by Jason Sarna
world's smallest donkey
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This donkey is short! Nine inches shorter than the current Guinness Book of World Records holder to be exact.

According to Metro, Ottie is just 16 inches tall. That makes him nine inches shorter than the current Guinness World Record holder: a 10-year-old brown jack named KneeHi, who stands at 25.29 inches and lives at Best Friends farm in Florida.

Ottie lives in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire with his owner Cheryl Griffiths. Although he is fully grown at eight months old, the little donkey is unable to obtain the official title of World's Smallest Donkey until he is a year old.

Griffiths says little Ottie, a Miniature American donkey, makes a great pet and is small enough to walk around her house. She compares him to a guard dog because he "always knows when someone is nearby."

Although the white jack donkey has 12 miniature horses to keep him company, Griffiths hopes to find him a female companion.

She said:

"I'm hoping to find Ottie a girlfriend so he isn't lonely and also so he can breed and others can have a pet. But he's too young at the moment and we can't do anything until he's three years old."

world's smallest donkey

Griffiths grew up riding horses, but after a riding accident, she became fascinated with miniatures.

She said:

"I have been into horses all my life but then I got a back injury so I could not ride them any more. With miniatures, you can do all the same things but without riding them. It's brilliant, they can do shows and competitions like dressage and agility. It's like an obstacle course where you run alongside them."

Once tiny donkey Ottie reaches maturity, Griffiths will accompany him to competitions, fêtes, and pet shows.

'"Ottie will be part of the agility team, he moves very well but he will need training," Griffiths told Daily Mail.

We're sure that once he claims the title of World's "Official" Smallest Donkey, he will draw lots of attention.

Have you ever seen a miniature donkey? Let us know in the comments!

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Meet Ottie: the World's 'Unofficial' Smallest Donkey