Feline Grandpa: Nutmeg the Tabby Cat Is 31 Years Old

Posted by Tori Holmes
Nutmeg the 31 year old cat
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In 1990, a surprise showed up Liz and Ian Finlay's garden. Little did they know that 26 years later, this unexpected visitor would still be with them.

Twenty-six years ago, Nutmeg the tabby cat chose Liz and Ian Finlay as his owners when he showed up in their garden as a stray. The little cat was very scrawny and had a lump on his neck, but with the help of his new family made a quick recovery.

The Finlays brought their new addition to their local Cat Protection League who determined that, based on his teeth, Nutmeg was around five years of age.

Nutmeg the 31 year old cat

In the 26 years since this day, Nutmeg has enjoyed the same, however somewhat extended, life that any cat has. He is the ruler of the household, with Ian Finlay joking that he is the true patriarch of the family.

The Finlays did have a bit of a health scare last year when Nutmeg was 30 years old. Fortunately, Dr. Laura Gillis and her team at the Westway Veterinary Hospital were able to bring Nutmeg back to full health. Within a few days, Nutmeg was back at home and behaving like his normal cantankerous self.

Liz and Ian were so grateful to their veterinary team for saving the cat that they had spent over two and a half decades with, so they decided to invite Dr. Laura Gillis to Nutmeg's 31st birthday.

Nutmeg the 31 year old cat

So, what is the secret to Nutmeg's long life? According to the Finlay's they say that "[Nutmeg] is not our cat - we are his humans and he never lets us forget that."

Regardless of why Nutmeg has lived such a long life, we're happy he has. Here's to many more years, Nutmeg, you cranky kitty!

All images via Westway Veterinary Group

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Feline Grandpa: Nutmeg the Tabby Cat Is 31 Years Old