Meet the Man in Syria Who Is Taking Care of Aleppo's Stray and Abandoned Cats

Posted by Tori Holmes
Syrian rescue cats
All images via BBC News

Since the start of the Syrian civil war, Mohammad Alaa Jaleel has taken over 100 of Aleppo's stray and abandoned cats.

As the unrest in Syria continued to grow, many families made the difficult decision to leave the country. In many instances these families could take no more than they could carry on their own backs, meaning that many family treasures had to be left behind.

Unfortunately, one of these treasures was often the family cat.

A life-long cat lover, Mohammad was the first person many people thought of when trying to figure out where they would leave their beloved felines. As more people left, the number of cats, both stray and abandoned, continued to grow. What began as 20 cats, has skyrocketed to over 100 in just one year.

Mohammad has taken on the responsibility to care for these cats in the little sanctuary that he has built in the war-torn city. Any cat that comes in will be taken care of, provided with food, fresh water, and plenty of love from Mohammad himself.

It's important to remember that many families had no option other than to leave their pets behind - it doesn't mean that they didn't want them anymore. In fact, there are some families that have stayed in touch with Mohammad, who sends updates on how their cats are doing.

Despite the increasingly dire situation in Aleppo, Mohammad is committed to the cats in his care, promising to stay with them no matter what happens.

If the story of Mohammad and his cats doesn't restore your faith in humanity, we aren't sure what will. Keep up the amazing work, Mohammad-- cat lovers around the world thank you.

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Meet the Man in Syria Who Is Taking Care of Aleppo's Stray and Abandoned Cats