Meet Jake the Diamond Dog, the 'Best Darn Dog in Baseball'

Posted by Amber King
Jake the Diamond Dog
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A ticket to a minor league baseball game will earn you a night of entertaining family fun, and if you're lucky, you'll see Jake the Diamond Dog.

Known as the "best darn dog in professional baseball," Jake is a good boy with a big job to do. From before the game starts until the last pitch is thrown, this hardworking Golden Retriever impresses fans and players alike with his commitment to a job well-done and his dashing good looks.

His responsibilities include delivering the game ball to the pitcher, keeping the umpires adequately hydrated, giving the bat boys the occasional break, and every now and then, he'll take the initiative to shag a few foul balls.

Most recently, Jake's job has been helping out the Fort Wayne TinCaps, but he's a free agent who doesn't belong to one team.

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He travels the minor league circuit bringing his special breed of help to everyone who needs it. He has a reputation for being a very good boy, and hearing that Jake's in town is enough to make ticket sales spike in anticipation.

Jake the Diamond Dog makes his final Louisville Slugger Field appearance of 2014 tonight!

Posted by Louisville Bats on Friday, August 22, 2014

During Monday night's TinCaps game, Jake the very good dog performed his duties with his regular enthusiasm and skill. He earned a few pats from the grateful umpires as the entire stadium drew in breath for a collective "Awwww!"

He waited patiently while the umpires drank their fill and then trotted back to the dugout with his basket of water bottles in his mouth and his fluffy tail swishing in delight.

Happy #NationalDogDay!!Our favorite pooch is of course Jake "The Diamond Dog" and it certainly looks like he's Krash's favorite too!#ThisShipRocks

Posted by Columbus Clippers on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jake's an honored guest in minor league stadiums across the country and has been a part of the game for the past several years. When he's not focused on the job at hand, Jake loves to show up the players with his own athletic ability. He's not a young pooch, but he can't turn down a good game of frisbee.

Jake the Diamond Dog has his own website, and his viral video is earning him nationwide attention. If he keeps up the good work, he might just earn himself a spot in the majors.

What do you think about Jake the gorgeous Golden Retriever? Let us know in the comments.

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Meet Jake the Diamond Dog, the 'Best Darn Dog in Baseball'