Meet Ivy, the English Staffy Who Loves Life by the Sea

Posted by Stacey Venzel

This dog makes the most of canine seaside living in Australia.

Instagram hound Ivy the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier is making viewers swoon and hearts melt as she poses playfully by sand and sea in her hometown of Queensland, Australia.

Her social media account, "The Ivy Diary," is dedicated to photos of the pooch getting down and dirty on the beach and the boat. Here are a few reasons why we've come to look forward to photos of this dog in our newsfeeds:

She's not afraid to get dirty.

She inspects every catch.

As in, really scrutinizes every fish.

She gets reflective during sunsets, even on cold evenings.

She's friends with dolphins.

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She makes a great first mate.

Life of a sea doggy! ????#staffy #boatlife #staffygram #staffylife #staffylove #fishing #family #boatwithdogs

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She appreciates the shoreline, too.

Now do you see why we love Ivy so?

Ivy and her parents hope her Instagram account can not only entertain but also inspire and educate people about her breed.

Dogs and their humans are using social media to be ambassadors for those voices that don't always get heard. We're so glad people are listening to Ivy and enjoying her many photos of life at sea!

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Meet Ivy, the English Staffy Who Loves Life by the Sea