Meet Honey, the German Shepherd Puppy Who Was Adopted with Less a Year to Live

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via sweetlifeof_honey/Instagram.

Honey is a terminally ill puppy, but her adopted parents are going to make her one-year prognosis the best year of any puppy's life.

At two months old, German Shepherd Honey plays like a normal puppy and looks as adorable as any canine fluffball would.

Sadly, Honey was diagnosed with a heart condition and given one year to live.

I got to go swimming today too!!! #lifeissweeterwithhoney #honeysjourney @thewonderbarofficial

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A couple adopted her, adding the pup to their canine pack in the hopes of granting Honey the most memorable year possible.

Honey gets along with her canine siblings and even wears a large flower around her collar bequeathed to her by her dog sister, P.

She is yet to be potty trained but working on it.

Recently, her owners were told she might have a chance at surgery. A fundraising campaign was successful largely due to the help of Honey's friends at Goats of Anarchy.

Honey's owners hope her Instagram account, which is quickly gaining in popularity, will help other terminally ill puppies get a chance at a short but wonderful life. Follow Honey on Instagram @sweetlifeof_honey.

All photos via sweetlifeof_honey/Instagram.

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