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Meet 'Darius' the World's Longest Rabbit


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The Guinness World Records still has Darius as the world's longest (living) rabbit on their site. However, we learned from Metro News that he retired in 2018 and Darius has two children called Jeff and Grace that are likely to overtake his size and snatch his Guinness World Record in the next few years.

Here's what we know about Darius:

  • He resides in the United Kingdom with his family
  • He is the longest rabbit and a Flemish giant rabbit owned by Annette Edwards (UK)
  • In April 2010 he was found to be 4 ft 3 in (129 cm) long 

This is amazing! The Flemish giant rabbit is a breed that everyone should know about!


Origin of the Flemish Giant Rabbit

Flemish refers to the type of Dutch spoken in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium where large rabbits were being bred in Belgium back in the mid-19th century. Some think the Flemish Giant rabbit was created by crossing Belgian rabbits with giant rabbits from Argentina, which sailors brought back to Europe in the 16th century.

According to the Maryland Park Zoo, Flemish Giants were originally bred for their meat and their fur. The breed standards were written in 1893. During the 1890s this breed was introduced to the United States.

Darius is known as the largest rabbit! Can you imagine the size rabbit hutch we'd need for a house? It would be massive! This rabbit is larger than some dog breeds which is amazing. The video provides context as this woman owns multiple house rabbits and they're all giant breeds.


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