Meet Bunny, the OCD Dog That Is Now a Shelter Mascot

Posted by Tori Holmes
All photos via Michigan Live

When Bunny was brought to the shelter, staff knew that her behavioral issues would make her difficult to be adopted.

After five years in the shelter, Bunny finally has a forever home but it's probably not where you're thinking.

Brought to the shelter at just eight months of age, Bunny's old owners believed that staff at the Humane Society of West Michigan would be able to give her the best chance in life.

Deaf and displaying a host of behavior problems, this pitbull-mix would spin in circles, dig, lick the walls, and lunge at cars, only stopping when she was utterly exhausted.

In addition to her deafness, Bunny was quickly diagnosed with canine compulsive disorder, similar to obsessive compulsive disorder in humans. To help get her behavior under control, the team at the shelter put together a hefty intervention plan.


Included in Bunny's intervention plan were hundreds of hours of training with staff and behavior consultants. Each person who worked with the pup agreed that there was no denying how smart Bunny was. It only took a few repetitions for her to learn new commands, allowing her to quickly rise to the coveted position of "most obedient dog in the shelter."

After successfully completing her intervention program, Bunny was adopted but returned shortly after as her new family found she was "a bit too much." Since then, there have been a number of inquires, but none of which have panned out.

After five years, Bunny had made strong bonds with countless shelter employees and volunteers, sparking the idea to make the shelter her forever home.

While the staff the Humane Society of West Michigan does not advocate keeping dogs in the shelter for prolonged periods of time, they acknowledge that for dogs with disabilities it can be challenging to find homes. They believe that in Bunny's case, their shelter is in the best position to offer her the care she needs, as they understand her specific behaviors.


Bunny's adoption by the Humane Society of West Michigan gives her a more consistent and affirmed place within the shelter, but other than that not much has changed. She still gets to spend time with her favorite humans, play with her favorite toys, and relax at home like any other dog.

While Bunny is welcome to spend the rest of her years at the shelter, serious adoption inquiries by families will still be considered.

If you ask us, this pup couldn't ask for a better forever home. Welcome home, Bunny!

All photos via Michigan Live.

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Meet Bunny, the OCD Dog That Is Now a Shelter Mascot