Meet America's Top Milk Producing Cow

Posted by Allie Layos
KUNC/Bur-Wall Registered Holsteins-Nick Sarbacker

Gigi, a nine-year-old Holstein cow, was recently named the top milk producer in the country. 

Hailing from Bur-Wall Holsteins in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, Gigi broke the U.S. record for milk production, producing a stunning 74,650 pounds of milk in a year. For comparison, the average American Holstein produces just 24,953 pounds of milk in the same period.

Not only did Gigi break the previous record, she trampled it. Set in 2010, the previous record was set at 72,170 pounds of milk, meaning that Gigi produced about 288 gallons more than the previous record holder.

Gigi's owner, Robert Behnke, said that Gigi acts like the star that she is.

"She's a diva," he said in an interview with KUNC. "She knows she's good and if you don't realize that, she will let you know that."

In true diva fashion, Gigi does what she wants, when she wants. In fact, the Behnkes had to install special locks on her barn because she learned to unlatch the gate.

And her looks are just as large as her personality.

"You have to stand next to her for a minute or two just to realize the amount of mass she has," Behnke says.

With Gigi's rise to fame, Behnke is planning to flush and sell some of the cow's embryos. They will be used in surrogates who will carry Gigi's calves to term. Behnke hasn't yet decided how much he will charge for the fertilized eggs, but one thing is certain -- those future calves and her four current offspring, Gina, Giggles, Ginger and Gorgeous, will have a lot to live up to, and no one knows it better than Gigi herself.

"You don't have to tell her she's a celebrity," Behnke said. "She already thinks she is."

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Meet America's Top Milk Producing Cow