Meet Aimee: The Sweet Formally-Abused Dog Who Only Wants Kisses

Posted by Amber King
All images via Facebook/Aimee looking for her forever home

After a life of abuse and neglect, animal rescuers in Long Island expected the worst from newly-rescued Aimee.

A small black dog with big pointy ears, a large festering wound covering most of her back, and evidence of old scars around her ankles, Aimee hasn't had an easy life.

When abused dogs come into a shelter, they're terrified, sometimes aggressive, and they have good reason to be so. They put their well-being and trust in the hands of humans, and those humans failed them.

There's no doubt that humans failed Aimee. She was obviously abused and abandoned, but when approached by rescuers, all Aimee wanted to do was shower them with kisses. She greets everyone with a wagging tail and playful personality. She's had her trust broken before, but somehow, this tenacious pup has an unwavering belief that humans are ultimately good.

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Jackie Panjoj, a staff member at Hempstead Town Animal Shelter, expected Aimee to be traumatized by her past. She was ready for a challenge, but what she got was a loving and excited pup that just wanted to play. If it wasn't for the dog's physical wounds, she never would have guessed that Aimee had suffered a painful past. She told PupJournal,

"She didn't hold a grudge, she still forgave."

No one knows the exact extent of Aimee's injuries. The large wound on her back seems to be caused by some kind of acid or corrosive chemical. Or it could have been caused by being run over by a car that tore her skin away.

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The scars marking her ankles point to a time when she was bound in ropes or another kind of material. She had been found living on the streets before she faithfully leapt into a man's car. The man took her home but was unable to care for the dog. After that, she found her way to the shelter.

It's thought that Aimee had at one time belonged to a family, because she's a star student when it comes to following her commands. She knows "sit," "stay," and "paw," and is even housebroken.

abused dog

Aimee is currently being housed by the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter where she's teaching everyone a lesson in forgiveness and perseverance. Jackie said,

"Aimee has taught me to not lose hope. She's obviously suffered more than most people, but she just keeps going. No matter what you've been through, keep going."

Aimee is a victim of animal cruelty, but she hasn't let that stop her from believing that one day, someone is going to walk into that shelter and fall in love with her.

If you think you're the person to show this loving dog that her trust in humans has not been misplaced, reach out on Facebook, or contact the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter.

All images via Facebook/Aime looking for her forever home

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Meet Aimee: The Sweet Formally-Abused Dog Who Only Wants Kisses