These Hognose Snakes Are Just a Pair of True Gentlemen

Posted by Mateja Lane

Well, aren't these the most polite snake gentlemen you've ever seen?

Snake owners know that their pets have quite the unique personalities.

Sir Snowball and Sir Sledge are true gentlemen.

Sometimes you just have to put a hat on your pet.

Shannon Hammer is an artist who sculpts reptile accessories and jewelry. Shannon is a snake lover whose goal is to quell people's fear of snakes and spiders:

"I hope that they will learn to see beyond the scales and fangs. I hope that they will come to admire their grace, patience, cunning, and wisdom. "

She works primarily with clay and uses peanut butter to attach her clay creations on her pet snakes. The first gentleman is an albino hognose snake named Sir Snowball and the second, also a hognose, is named Sir Sledge.

From the words of Shannon herself:

If you have a friend or family member who is afraid of snakes, why not show them this!

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These Hognose Snakes Are Just a Pair of True Gentlemen