Meet the 3-Legged Boxer Pup from Texas That Still Has Plenty of Energy

Posted by Amber King
three-legged Boxer puppy
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Losing a leg isn’t going to stop this Boxer puppy from living life to the fullest.

Lone Star Boxer Rescue in Houston, TX takes in Boxers of all ages in order to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home. To LSBR, every dog is worthy of their love and care, and a tiny Boxer puppy named Bailey is no exception.

Bailey came to the rescue with a severely broken femur and pelvis. Her previous owners couldn’t afford the surgery to save the little dog’s life, and LSBR knew they couldn’t turn her away. Bailey’s leg had multiple breaks and was causing her extreme pain. She couldn’t walk, and if the damage wasn’t repaired soon, she wouldn’t live to see three months old.

Posted by Lone Star Boxer Rescue on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Before progress could be made for Bailey, LSBR first had to raise the necessary funds. As a non-profit organization, they rely on donations from the community to help them save lives. They set up a YouCaring page to share Bailey’s story, and their supporters didn’t disappoint, as LSBR has surpassed their goal and raised over $3,000.

With money for medical costs generously provided for, Bailey went into surgery on November 16. The plan for the procedure was to set the fractures and allow them to heal, but there was an unexpected complication: doctors found significant bone loss near the injury site that made the fractures impossible to repair.

There was no chance of saving Bailey’s leg, but her doctors were determined to save her life. They quickly made the decision to amputate the damaged limb in order to give the puppy the best chance at a pain-free future.

*Bailey Update*Thank you to everyone who generously donated toward Bailey's surgery to repair her badly broken femur…

Posted by Lone Star Boxer Rescue on Friday, November 17, 2017

Despite her traumatic injury and difficult surgery, Bailey is recovering quickly and showing signs of being a playful puppy again.

LSBR wrote on Facebook:

“Even in the first 24 hours, she has already adapted well to doing the Boxer wiggle on three legs!”

Bailey is finally free of her dead-weight leg, and she’s getting ready to show a new family that good dogs come in all shapes. She’s spending her recovery with a foster family, but this adorable three-legged Boxer pup is now ready to be adopted.

Visit LSBR online to fill out an adoption application and show your interest in giving Bailey the life she’s always deserved.

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Meet the 3-Legged Boxer Pup from Texas That Still Has Plenty of Energy