Meet 10 TSA Dogs That Help Keep Air Travel Safe

Posted by Amber King
Police dog with distinctive

You may be tempted to give these cuties a good ear rub when you meet them at the airport, but hands off! They have a big job to do. 

When you're standing in what seems to be a mile-long line that hasn't moved in ten minutes and you're about to miss your flight, it's easy to give TSA a bad rap. But the reality is that TSA keeps air travel safe, and no TSA employee works harder than a working TSA canine.

For 12 weeks, aspiring TSA dogs and their handlers complete a vigorous training course designed to turn mere puppies into efficient bomb-sniffing professionals. At the end of their training, these dogs are able to use their powerful noses to sniff out potential threats.

These dogs allow TSA personnel to screen passengers without ever having to touch them, and they expedite the process to make lines move faster--meaning you get to your gate sooner.

There are over 900 TSA dogs of varying breeds working at airports across the country. The next time you leave for a trip, be on the lookout for these furry faces.











Mogrart, Liza, Bart, and the hundreds of other TSA dogs working in American airports have a big job to do. Keeping air travel safe is no easy task, but these dogs are the best of the best.

Check out TSA on Instagram to keep up with these hard-working canines.

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Meet 10 TSA Dogs That Help Keep Air Travel Safe