Maybe We Should Just Have a Dog As President, Like This Minnesota Town

Posted by Amber King
mayor duke: dog as mayor

A small town in Minnesota proves that the best politicians aren't always what you'd expect.

As the country grapples between two of the most controversial presidential candidates in American history, one small town in Minnesota proves that politics doesn't have to be as disappointing as the 2016 presidential election is turning out to be.

For the third year in a row, residents of Cormorant, Minnesota have elected a Great Pyrenees named Duke as mayor.

mayor duke: dog as mayor
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Each year, the small town of about 1,000 people holds a mayoral election where of-age residents pay one dollar to cast their vote for their favorite candidate. Duke won the election for the first time back in 2014 on accident. The beloved pup won the election with 12 write-in votes--a landslide victory against other human contenders.

Accident or not, the people had spoken and the winning pooch was treated to an official inauguration. He spent his first year in office proving to his people that you don't need to be human to be a good mayor.

He took on the responsibility of bringing the community together and went on to win two more elections. In the most recent election, Duke was nearly unopposed. He received all but one vote that went to another canine candidate, his girlfriend, Lassie.

mayor duke: dog as mayor

Long-time Cormorant resident, Karen Nelson, told ABC affiliate WDAY,

"I don't know who would run against him, because he's done such great things for the community."

With his third consecutive victory under his collar, Duke continues to be the leading politician that the town needs. He is truly a dog of the people and is often seen interacting with townspeople and participating in community events.

He was even featured in a series of billboards promoting the town.

mayor duke: dog as mayor

In preparation for his upcoming inauguration, the Great Pyrenees earned himself a five-hour grooming session. And like any other mayor, he'll also be paid for carrying out his mayoral duties. A local pet store is donating a years-worth of kibble to keep Mayor Duke healthy and happy.

Unlike the average politician, Duke loves all people almost as much as they love him. While he may be coerced into doing tricks depending on what kind of treat he's offered, he has never taken a bribe and always has the best interests of the town at heart.

He's starting in Cormorant, but with a few more voters, he may be able to make America Great Pyrenees again.

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Maybe We Should Just Have a Dog As President, Like This Minnesota Town