Maverick the Malamute Won't Let a Little Something Like a Window Stop Him from Enjoying Some Time Outside

Posted by Tori Holmes

In the span of one hour, the Nanticoke City Fire Department had not one, but two separate calls about a dog stuck on a roof. 

A concerned neighbor called 911 when she saw the 150-pound Malamute named Maverick on the roof of his family's house. How did he get up there you ask? He simply punched out the screen of an upstairs window and climbed out!

When the fire department arrived, Maverick was chilling on the veranda roof taking in the sights of the neighborhood. Since no one was home, the team put the friendly pup back inside the window and reattached the screen, but not 30 minutes later the same neighbor was back on the phone saying he had escaped again.

The fire department returned and was able to get Maverick back inside, this time for good. It appears that nothing can stop this pup from enjoying some fresh air!

Is your dog an escape artist? What's the craziest escape they've managed so far? Let us know in the comments!

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