Zeus the Mastiff Definitely Wins This Agility Competition

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you thought that agility competitions were for lightning-fast dogs careening around the course and obstacles, think again.

This Mastiff proves that big dogs can compete in agility, too.

Zeus, an English Mastiff, shows his stuff at the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Denver, Colorado. And while Zeus's style might be a little non-traditional, it's hard to ignore the fact that he seems to enjoy the challenge of the agility course just as much as other dogs do.

Take a look at Zeus's "run" and prepare to be entertained!

While Zeus won't be earning any points for speed, we can definitely give him some points for style and accuracy. His handler seems awesome and patient, and it looks like they both have a great time with this course.

If you'd like to introduce your dog to the sport of agility, then start small. Introduce a few non-intimidating obstacles and build from there. Your dog will need to be able to work off-leash and should have a great understanding of obedience commands.

Check to see if there are local dog trainers or agility clubs who can help you get started with this sport. As Zeus has proven, any dog can compete in agility.

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Zeus the Mastiff Definitely Wins This Agility Competition