Mary’s Nutritionals Introduces Hemp-Infused Product Line for Pets

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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From humans to animals, Mary's Nutritionals now offers hemp products for pets.

Mary's Nutritionals first launched as a health and wellness company for people, but the business is now adding pets to its list of clientele. Mary's Whole Pet focuses on hemp-infused care products to enrich the lives of our furry companions.

Mary's Nutritionals teamed up with long-standing partner, Elite Botanicals, to get their foot in the door of the pet industry. The plant extracts are sourced from Elite Botanicals' family farms in Loveland, Colorado and scrutinized by a team of botanists, chemists, physicians, and nutritionists before being bottled, in some cases, right into tasty natural bacon-flavored drops.

CEO of Mary's Nutritionals Lynn Honderd said:

"There is no connection quite as special as the one you share with your pet. When your furry friend is suffering, you feel it and we feel it too. The collective mission between Elite and Mary's is to help nurture animal health through all-natural, plant-based formulations, and this product line offers a truly holistic alternative to traditional medicine for all beloved furry friends nationwide."

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Mary's Whole Pet

Mary's Nutritionals is known for being the developer and original distributor of the award-winning transdermal patch, setting the stage for avant-garde options in chronic pain management. They describe their products not as alternative medicine but as "an alternative to medicine."

The new pet line features high quality tinctures, transdermal gels, treats, and more to make the hemp easy to administer. Buddy Balm is one of the new items available. Described as having a "no-mess application," the salve can be rubbed onto skin to help with surface wound healing and prevent dryness, including cracked skin on the nose.

sleepy dogFounder of Elite Botanicals David Bonvillain said:

"We control the process from soil to oil to ensure the highest quality possible. In addition to the active compounds in the ultra-purified, fractionally distilled hemp oil, Mary's Whole Pet Drops are also formulated with purified hemp seed oil that is full of Omega 3 and 6, treating your pet from the inside out."

Greencamp recently spoke to Wide Open Pets about the health benefits of hemp for pets used to treat ailments ranging from arthritis to anxiety to cancer. Dosing for cannabinoid (CBD) products, if you're wondering, is weight-dependent. Learn more about how hemp CBD products work, with no psychoactive effects by the way, here.

Elite Botanicals is involved in ongoing collaboration with Colorado State University's School of Veterinary Medicine to ensure consistent safe and quality products for pet owners.

Have you ever given hemp pet products to your furry friend? Tell us how it changed your pet's life in the comments below!

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Mary’s Nutritionals Introduces Hemp-Infused Product Line for Pets