Marmalade Shows Us How to Make a Cat Birthday Cake

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Birthday cakes aren't just for people anymore - now you can make a cat birthday cake just for your cat's special day.

Does your cat have a birthday coming up? Will you be making them a birthday cake?

Cole and Marmalade are here to show us how to make a cat birthday cake so that your furry family member can celebrate with a healthy(ish), safe treat on their special day.

Sure, you can get plenty of store-bought treats, but most of the fancy treats are made for dogs.

You can make this cat birthday cake in the comfort of your own home using ingredients that you probably already have. It takes some time, but isn't it worth it to do something special for your cat on their birthday?

Take a look!

Clearly Cole and Marmalade think that this cat birthday cake is pretty delicious. It's a fun way to make the day special for your cat.

If you're looking for other ways to celebrate your cat's birthday, consider picking up a few special gifts. Treat your cat to some catnip or get him some new cat toys or even a cat bed.

Your cat is sure to appreciate any birthday celebration you give him, no matter how simple. Just spending some extra time with your cat can be a great way to celebrate their special day and show your cat how much you love him.

Do you celebrate your pets' birthdays? Tell us how in the comments below.

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Marmalade Shows Us How to Make a Cat Birthday Cake