Marmalade Shows Us All the Different Bread Products He Can Be

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Marmalade the acrobatic cat puts his talents to work to mimic different bread products. 

Does your cat look like bread? It might not be the first association you'd make, but when you think about it, cats look strikingly like different bread products. With all of their crazy sleeping positions, your cat can be a baguette, a loaf of bread, or even a pretzel.

Marmalade shows us all just how many different bread products he can resemble. Of course, his bread-like color helps with the effect a bit. Take a look at this silly cat and his unusual positions!

Cats are incredibly flexible and can sleep in such strange positions thanks to the design of their spine. Their vertebrae are connected, but the connections themselves are flexible. Cats also have elastic discs between their vertebrae which act as cushion and allow the cats to flex their spines. Cats can actually rotate their spines more than most other animals, allowing them to bend and arch their backs to extreme degrees.

Cats are really pretty incredible creatures. They're highly athletic and have incredible balance, resembling wild cats like tigers and lions. However, luckily for us, our domesticated cats are also content to curl up on your lap or in the sun. Or to mimic different types of bread.

Does your cat look like bread sometimes? Show us in the comments below!

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Marmalade Shows Us All the Different Bread Products He Can Be