Mare Stare: A Perfect Way to Spend Hours

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you long to have a foal on your farm but just aren't ready for the responsibility that comes with breeding a horse, then Mare Stare might be a great option for you.

Spring is here, and so is foaling season. All over the country foals are being born every day. Along with their births come long nights of foal watches - waiting for the foal to arrive, and making sure that the delivery goes smoothly. Unfortunately, if you don't live near a breeding barn, then you're unlikely to see newborn foals.

That is, unless you use Mare Stare. is a site which live streams video feeds of pregnant mares. You can watch these streams online for free, and can choose from hundreds of cameras set up in barns all over the country. The cameras are focused on stalls containing pregnant mares, and if you're persistent and a bit lucky, you may be able to witness the moment when a foal is born.

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The fun doesn't stop there, though - many farms leave their cameras on so that you can watch the foal take his first steps, explore the stall, learn to nurse, and begin to grow up alongside his mother.

In short, Mare Stare is a great way to spend hours of your time. It can be nice to leave the camera up in the background while you're working or watching TV.

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But there's another important element to Mare Stare which may actually help to save equine lives. Mare Stare offers a Barn Alarm system which allows viewers to alert mare owners if they witness a horse in trouble or a foaling going wrong.

Some mare owners also choose to list their cell phone numbers so that viewers may contact them directly. If you're experienced in breeding and foaling horses, then you might be able to help keep these mares and foals safe by providing a watchful eye.

While Mare Stare is highly useful for breeders, mare owners, and barn staff, it's also a ton of fun. Check out the list of stall cams and explore a bit - some cameras are more in focus than others, and it can be quite relaxing to sit back and watch horses in their stalls.

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Mare Stare: A Perfect Way to Spend Hours