This Man's Reunion with His Stolen Therapy Dog Will Have You in Tears

Posted by Krissy Howard
Fox News Cleveland

Five days after his beloved therapy dog was stolen during a carjacking, a Cleveland man is finally reunited with his best friend - and their reaction is priceless. 

According to a Fox News Cleveland report, Andrew Wright was inside a gas station when his car was stolen from a friend at gunpoint.

Inside the car were Wright's two Havanese therapy dogs, Polo and Baby Girl. The dogs alert Wright to oncoming seizures, allowing him to seek safety or medication as needed to prevent injury.

Five days later, good news made its way to Wright. Police were able to locate his vehicle, and Polo, after a concerned citizen saw Wright's story on the news and realized that the dog on the TV screen resembled one she had seen roaming around her neighborhood.

"We paused the TV and then we were looking and then when he called him by his real name, he started listening and stuff," Mariah Singleton told the news outlet. "So that's how we knew it was probably his dog."

Wright is very happy to have Polo back, but Baby Girl is still missing. He remains hopeful that she, like Polo, will return home safely sooner than later and encourages everyone in the area to keep an eye out for the missing pup.

"That's community, you guys helped us, you're helping people, this is what we need," said Wright.

Have you ever had a pet stolen from you? Let us know in the comments below.

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This Man's Reunion with His Stolen Therapy Dog Will Have You in Tears