Man Wins the Lottery and Is Already Making Plans for the Family Goats

Posted by Paige Cerulli

After winning one million dollars, a North Carolina man plans to use the earnings to buy a house with enough room for pet goats.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the winnings? It's fun to fantasize. Maybe you'd buy a farm and horses, or maybe you'd adopt a bunch of cats and donate money to local animal shelters. For one North Carolina man, that fantasy is now a reality. His choice? To buy a house with enough room for some pet goats.

Bobby Murphy of Charlotte, North Carolina bought five 50X The Cash scratch tickets at a 7-Eleven over the weekend. Murphy won big on the last ticket that he scratched, winning $1 million. His odds at winning the prize? One in 2.04 million.

Murphy opted to take the lump sum payout of $600,000, bringing home $417,009 after taxes.


But he already knows what he'll be spending the winnings on. Murphy wants to buy a house that is large enough for his fiancee will have space for her pet goats, and where her son can have room to play.

The 50X The Cash tickets debuted in February. Now that Murphy has claimed one of the prizes, there are still three one-million-dollar prizes left.

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