Man Saves Dog When Leash Gets Stuck in Rising Elevator Door

Posted by Paige Cerulli

In a scene that feels like it's right out of a horror movie, a dog's leash gets caught in a rising elevator door. Luckily, help was nearby. 

When you hop into the elevator with your dog, you're probably not thinking about what could go wrong, or the dangers associated with this everyday move. But this video captures the horrific moment when an owner gets into the elevator but his dog doesn't follow. The elevator door closes, trapping the dog's leash, and the elevator begins its ascent.

Luckily for this dog, Ben Duke came along at the exact right moment. Duke, the manager of the Roadway Inn in Greenville, South Carolina, had only seconds to figure out what had happened before springing into action. Duke grabbed the dog in his arms as the leash was being pulled upwards, and worked frantically to free the dog.

Take a look at what happens next.

The dog, named Boo Boo, likely owes its life to Duke. Duke had stepped out of a nearby storage closet at the moment the elevator closed, and it wasn't a second too soon. Just when Boo Boo's leash was about to be dragged through the ceiling of the door frame, Duke managed to snap it with his hands.

It's a jarring scene to watch, but it serves an important safety reminder. If Boo Boo's leash had been thicker, Duke might not have been able to break it. It's so important to exercise caution when bringing your dog into an elevator. Make sure that your dog is alongside you, and hold the door open until your dog is safely inside the elevator. Finally, don't forget that elevators have an emergency stop feature - if you ever do find yourself in a situation with your pet, the emergency stop may be able to keep the situation from getting worse.

Duke's a hero in our eyes. His quick-thinking and amazing timing helped to prevent a tragedy in the making.

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Man Saves Dog When Leash Gets Stuck in Rising Elevator Door