This Man Saved a Falling Cat by Catching It in His Backpack

Posted by Krissy Howard

When neighbors witnessed a cat clinging to a cable two stories up, a quick-thinking man waited underneath it, safely catching the kitty in his backpack. 

Several bystanders in Sochi, Russia witnessed an unbelievable sight just a few weeks ago when a cat clung to a hanging cable high above the ground.

While it's unclear just how the kitty got out on the cable on its own, eyewitnesses reported that the feline was hanging on for dear life for nearly 30 minutes, using only its claws and teeth to keep it from falling.

Luckily for this kitty, a quick-thinking man with a backpack was there to help. The unidentified man stood underneath the cat with his backpack open and ready to catch the cat the moment it dropped.

When the cat finally did let go, it landed safely in the backpack of its rescuer. The cat was reportedly unharmed by the incident.

Has your cat ever found itself stuck in an unfortunate place? Tell us in the comments!

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This Man Saved a Falling Cat by Catching It in His Backpack