Man Runs into Flames to Save Tiny Bunny in Southern California

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Not all heroes wear capes or have a name. Sometimes they wear red sweatshirts and remain anonymous.

As wildfires rage through Southern California, residents are fleeing their homes. One man, however, fled toward the flames.

An unnamed hero was caught on video by two news crew men as he ran toward the side of the road where the fires were deadly in Ventura County, north of Los Angeles. The cameramen voiced their curiosity, unsure why the man was running into danger instead of away from it. Then they saw him bend down to try to scoop up a small wild rabbit hopping along the fiery path on Highway 1. He appeared to be quite emotional as the bunny flirted with the flames.

Watch the daring rescue of the tiny rabbit here:

The man successfully caught the rabbit, but the video stops there. Reportedly, the man calmed the animal down and brought it back to his truck. Nothing else is known at this time about the fate of the rabbit or the identity of the man, who declined an interview with the cameramen nor reporter.

His quick and heroic act, however, has helped many restore their faith in humanity.



The mystery man talked to Daily Mail and his identity has been revealed. 19-year-old Oscar Gonzalez was on his way home from work and saw the little white bunny running alongside of the road in La Conchita, burning from the Thomas fire.

"I saw two other rabbits with it. I thought to myself it was the rabbit's family. The rabbit's family probably thought I was gonna hurt it [but] when I picked up the rabbit, they followed," he said.

He has been hailed as a good person and a hero but California Fish and Wildlife don't want people to be putting themselves in danger since wild animals can fend for themselves in natural disasters.

Would you have run into these flames to save a wild animal? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Man Runs into Flames to Save Tiny Bunny in Southern California